Why do I need to undertake Freshcare Training for the Sustainability Standards?

Published on December 22, 2020

The requirement for Freshcare training in the AWISSP-VIT and AWISSP-WIN Standards is to ensure each participating business has at least one trained representative on-site that has been trained in the use and implementation of the Standard(s), the interpretation of requirements and verification and record-keeping that must be maintained to demonstrate compliance at audit, without the need to engage an external consultant. This is a requirement for all Freshcare Standards, to ensure consistency in application, understanding and preparedness by participants.

It is acknowledged that a number of participants may have existing qualifications relevant for the application of the Standards, however, participation in the Fershcare training component should still provide benefits to those participants and at the very least an opportunity for a greater understanding of the program and insight into ways it can be integrated by the individual or business.