At Freshcare, we are committed to maintaining the highest standards for the fresh produce, supply chain, viticulture and wine industries. As the leading provider of Australian certification programs, the Standards Review is part of our mission to continually improve our programs that support participating businesses.

In 2024, a review of our Standards for Food Safety & Quality, Environmental and Wine Industry Sustainability will be undertaken, and we value your input into this process.

How to provide feedback

General Feedback and Submissions:

General submissions on Freshcare Standards are welcome.

These submissions can be made via email to [email protected] please add ‘Standard Review’ to the subject line

Submissions can also be made via post to: Freshcare Ltd, PO Box 247, Sydney Markets NSW, Australia 2129.  

When providing general feedback, we invite you to share your thoughts on the following points: 

  1. User Experience: Do the Standards currently meet your market requirements?  Considering usability and how its audited.  
  2. Elements: Are there any elements related to the standards, criteria or that you think should be included or removed? 
  3. Satisfaction with our Services: In addition to the standards, we are interested in understanding your overall satisfaction with the services provided by Freshcare. Are there specific areas where we have excelled, or areas where we can further improve? 

How your feedback will be used

Your feedback will be reviewed and used in the Standards Review process to determine where the standards may need to change from a technical perspective. Additionally, your feedback will help to inform where future investment is made in supporting resources and tools used to implement our programs. 

We value your time and perspectives and believe your insights will contribute significantly to the success of the review.  

Page last updated 04 March 2024.