Freshcare Program Fees

Freshcare is a purpose-driven industry benefit organisation with program fees captured to contribute to the day-to-day operational costs and further developments of the Freshcare programs.

Freshcare Program Fees: The fees outlined in the table are collected by your Certification Body on behalf of Freshcare. The fee rates are based on the chosen Freshcare Program and audit cycle (fee description). The applicable fee will be identified as a line item on your invoice for audit payable to the Certification Body.  

Click here to download the Program Fees Table – 1 July 2022-30 July 2023.

Effective as of 1 August 2023, there will be a new pricing structure and schedule of sees. We understand these small fee increases may cause some inconvenience. We want to assure you that we remain committed to delivering exceptional value to industry and these fee increases are necessary to cover rising costs associated with providing our services, including inflation, staffing, and technology upgrades.  

Click here to download the Program Fees Table – effective 1 August 2023.

Freshcare Program Fees 1 July 2022- 30 July 2023

What are the costs of Freshcare certification for my business?

The Freshcare Program fee table above outlines the fees captured and derived to Freshcare. In addition to Program fees, businesses will need to account for implementation costs and service fees for audits.

Implementation costs: The cost of implementation of each Freshcare Program will vary per business. Costs to consider during program implementation and ongoing management of the Freshcare Programs include training on the Standards requirements, various forms of testing and costs associated with the development or review of business policies and processes.

Service fees for audits: To achieve Freshcare Certification, audits are undertaken by independent Certification Bodies. The costs for audits, inspections or assessments (time, travel costs) and services provided by the Certification Body are negotiated directly between the business and the Certification Body and depend on the individual pricing policies, duration of the audit activity, travel costs, the time needed for the preparation, and follow-up.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are experiencing financial hardship, please contact our office to discuss options.