Freshcare CEO, Jane Siebum reflects on the value of third-party auditing, following a series of recent operational reviews.

Freshcare has recently undergone a series of audits to demonstrate our ongoing commitment to meeting global standards of organisational governance and operational excellence. By embracing the rigorous audit process, we continue to provide our participating businesses Australia’s leading certification programs which are created by industry, for industry.

Third-party audits, which include financial audits for the Australian Charities & Not-For-Profit Commission (ACNC) and the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) membership audits, are integral to proving Freshcare’s dedication to our participants, stakeholders, the Board and industry.

Throughout the audit process I have gained some key insights into ensuring positive and actionable outcomes for Freshcare, our staff, board and businesses we support through our programs.

Beyond “Audit-Ready” Business

The value of an audit extends beyond compliance, they are also critical tools for improvement and ongoing best business practice. While preparing for an audit requires dedication of your time and resources, being “audit ready” is about the daily implementation of organisational procedures. This ensures Freshcare is always operating at its best, meeting and exceeding the expectation set by our programs and regulatory commitments.

Corrective Actions: It’s Not Personal

Corrective actions resulting from audits are not meant to be viewed as criticisms but as opportunities for enhancement. Each corrective action identifies a point for improvement, helping us and our stakeholders, including staff and suppliers, better understand and align with our quality management system. This ongoing cycle of improvement strengthens our operations and enhances the knowledge and capabilities of everyone involved.

Building Confidence

By undergoing this process, the audits provide us with confidence that we are meeting requirements and expectations of industry regulators. Similarly, our own audits of our service providers give us assurance that they are meeting Freshcare’s stringent requirements. This mutual confidence across organisations and businesses, is essential for maintaining trust within the industry and ensuring that our programs continue to uphold the highest levels of excellence.

Trust In Your Future

The third-party audit processes have and will continue to provide confidence and trust in the Freshcare team and programs now and into the future.  We will embrace opportunities to enhance the way in which we operate which will enable us to continue to provide services that meets the needs of Industry and Regulators.