The Freshcare Environmental Program has been designed to help Australian producers demonstrate world-leading environmental management practices and stewardship of their land, natural resources and communities in which they operate.

The Freshcare Environmental Code of Practice (ENV3) is a comprehensive, easy-to-follow, outcomes-based environmental assurance program.

While you’re investing in a sustainable future for the environment and us all, we’re here to support you in meeting and maintaining the essential practices and criteria outlined in ENV3.

This program was designed to help you achieve and demonstrate real environmental outcomes on-farm and give customers assurance that your produce has been grown and packed with care for the environment.

The ENV3 program verifies that you’re following an industry-recognised environmental assurance program. Certification to ENV3 is achieved through independent third-party auditing by approved auditors.

The Freshcare Environmental – Reef Assured program is an accredited recognised program enabling Banana growers in reef catchments to demonstrate their achieving ERA Reef Regulations. Find out more

There are two sections of ENV3 as outlined below:


  • Scope and commitment
  • Documentation
  • Training
  • Internal audit and corrective action
  • Customer requirements


  • Environmental action planning
  • Land and soil
  • Biosecurity
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilisers and soil additives
  • Water
  • Biodiversity
  • Waste
  • Air
  • Energy and Fuel


Freshcare training prepares participants for integrating the Freshcare Environmental program requirements into their business production and operating systems.

Training course materials include template record keeping documents and resource materials to provide assistance and further information.

Some elements of the ENV3 Code will require verification testing be completed. It is recommended that all verification testing be completed prior to audit.


Once the Environmental program has been implemented within your business, and required records have been established, you can prepare for a third-party audit to verify compliance.

To become Freshcare certified you must first successfully complete and pass an audit. To schedule an Environmental audit contact a Freshcare approved Certification Body.

Freshcare Environmental audits can be conducted at any time of year, unlike FSQ audits which are required to be undertaken during your harvest period. It is recommended that if you participate in both Freshcare FSQ and ENV, a combined audit be arranged to offer savings in time and costs – see Combined Audits.

Combined Audits
All Freshcare Certification Bodies have auditors who are able to audit across a number of industry standards (not just Freshcare). Therefore you may be able to schedule your Freshcare audit with other industry standards / on farm management programs as required. To organise a combined audit you must advise the Certification Body at the time of booking.

The various Freshcare Codes of Practice have been developed for ease of integration and combined certification audits. Therefore if you are participating in more than one Freshcare program such as Food Safety & Quality and Environmental, please advise the Certification Body when booking your audit to ensure a suitably qualified auditor is available.


Once you have successfully completed an audit and resolved any corrective actions raised, a Freshcare certificate will be issued via your Certification Body.

A copy of your certificate is also available via your FreshcareOnline login.

To maintain your Freshcare Environmental certification, annual audits are required to be undertaken.

For promotional purposes, Freshcare Certified businesses can utilise the Freshcare Environmental certification mark. For more information, access and rules of use, complete the form Logo Permission Request.