The Freshcare Supply Chain Standard Edition 1 (SC1) is based on Food Safety and Quality (FSQ) and is for fresh produce supply chain operations. The areas SC1 addresses are food safety and quality compliance.

While you’re working on the safety and quality of fresh produce on its journey to market and the shelf, we’re here to support you provide that assurance.

Our SC1 standard has prescriptive, business-specific compliance criteria that are for the following areas of the fresh produce supply chain:

  • Packing & Handling (including pre-pack/re-pack)
  • Storage
  • Ripening
  • Transport & Distribution
  • Wholesale
  • Brokerage & Virtual Brokerage
  • Provedore

The SCI has two parts:

  1. Food Safety & Quality that covers areas like hazard analysis; allergens; premises, facilities and vehicles; equipment food defence and food fraud; and product identification and traceability.
  2. Management for areas scope and commitment; documentation; training; and customer requirements.