What are the ongoing costs for maintaining Freshcare Certification?

Published on July 14, 2015

Certification costs comprise of:

Cost of audit – this will vary per business depending on size of operation and number of sites, travel and accommodation charges and the standard(s) being audited. Businesses should source quotes for their annual audit from a number of Freshcare Certification Bodies to ensure they are getting the best rate available for their business.

Freshcare certification fees – this is a fee captured at audit by the certification body and remitted to Freshcare. As a not for profit industry organisation, Freshcare certification fees fund the operation of all Freshcare programs, no industry or government support is received. Freshcare certification fees are collected by the Certification Body on behalf of Freshcare at the time a business is audited. Refer to the Freshcare Fee Structure for details on the applicable certification fee(s).

Please note: the costs of any testing required for compliance purposes, should also be considered in addition to the above costs.