I had a CAR raised at audit, where do I find details of what needs to be provided to my auditor, and what timeframe do I have to get it to them?

Published on July 15, 2015

The auditor that completed your Freshcare audit will leave you with (or provide within a few days) a copy of your audit report and details of any Corrective Action Records (CARs) raised during the audit. The CAR details should outline which element of the Code it is applicable to and what is required to complete the CAR closure. Evidence of CAR closure should be provided directly to the auditor, Certification Body, or contact outlined in the audit report.

Details of CARs raised at audited can be viewed via FreshcareOnline once the audit has be logged by the Certification Body.

CARs should be closed out within 28 days of audit. CARs outstanding for longer than 28 days will place your Freshcare certification status in certification pending and will hold up your Certificate.

For FSQ-SC Major CAR’s must be closed out within 14 days of audit