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Freshcare: The National On-Farm Assurance Program

Freshcare is an industry owned, not-for-profit on-farm assurance program, established and maintained to service the Australian fresh produce industry. Freshcare is currently the largest Australian on–farm assurance program for fresh produce; proudly providing on-farm food safety & quality and environmental certification services to over 5000 members nationally. The foundations of the Freshcare Program are the user-friendly Codes of Practice and detailed training support materials. The Freshcare Codes describe the practices required on farm to provide an assurance that fresh produce is safe to eat, has been prepared to customer specifications and legislative requirements; and has been grown with care for the environment.

Freshcare currently offers certification to the following Codes of Practice, following participation in an approved Freshcare training course:

  • Freshcare Food Safety & Quality
  • Freshcare Environmental
  • Freshcare Environmental - Viticulture
  • Freshcare Environmental - Winery

The Freshcare Codes of Practice are versatile and user-friendly, created to be implemented as stand-alone programs or integrated as one combined on-farm assurance system. The Freshcare Codes of Practice can also be incorporated with other quality, food safety and farm management schemes.

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27 May 2014 - Fresh Produce Safety Centre Limited Launched Today

Freshcare Ltd is proud to announce that the Fresh Produce Safety Centre Limited officially opened its doors for business today.

Underlining our long-standing commitment to the safety of fresh produce, Freshcare is proud to be a founding supporter of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre, recognising that the Centre will enhance fresh produce safety research, outreach and education throughout Australia and New Zealand. 

The first meeting of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre’s Board of Directors occurred this morning, following registration of the new company limited by guarantee with ASIC yesterday.

The Centre’s goals will be to:

  • Call for and oversee food safety research projects that are highly relevant to industry
  • Provide food safety information, news, education and outreach to the industry
  • Engage with regulatory and other organisations for effective and efficient food safety management leading to enhanced food safety outcomes.

Freshcare is a proud supporter of this exciting initiative. 

Visit the Fresh Produce Safety Centre

Freshcare's New Phone & Fax Number (as of 1 October 2013)

Please update your records with our new phone & fax numbers:

Telephone: 1300 853 508 (cost of a local call from a landline) or 02 9045 3710

Fax: 02 8004 0732

New FreshcareOnline Platform

FreshcareOnline has been updated to a new system platform. Click here to download the FreshcareOnline User Guides. A copy is also available for download in Resources on your FreshcareOnline logon.

Freshcare Certification Fees

From 1st July 2013, Freshcare Certification Fees for Food Safety and Quality and Environmental will increase to $99.00 per annum (all prices include GST) for annual certifications. Freshcare Certification Fees for the Wine Industry Codes increase to $198.00 per audit for triennial certifications. For a second or subsequent code implemented by the same business, the Certification Fee is reduced by half. For example:

  • A business certified to just Freshcare Food Safety and Quality (FS&Q) will pay $99.00 in Certification Fees.
  • A business certified to Freshcare Food Safety and Quality (FS&Q) and Freshcare Environmental (ENV) will pay $99.00 for FS&Q Certification (primary code) and $49.50 for the Environmental Certification (secondary code).
  • A business that has implemented both the Freshcare Environmental Viticulture and Winery Codes, the Certification Fee of $198.00 will apply only to the first Code audited or primary certification, and a reduced Certification Fee of $99.00 will apply to the second Code audited or secondary certification for that business.

Freshcare Certification Fees will continue to be invoiced by your Certification Body on your audit invoice; Certification Fees are then remitted to Freshcare by the Certification Body.

The fee change represents the first increase since Freshcare moved to the current income model in July 2007 and reflects the cost of continuing to deliver a program that is both relevant to industry and compliant with the requirements of supply chain customers (retailers / food service / processing); ensuring Freshcare continues as a strong and practical resource for the Australian Fresh Produce and Wine Industry

Certification Rules

The Certification Rules for the Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Code of Practice will be available for download soon.

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Food Safety & Quality


Environmental- Viticulture

Environmental - Winery