Freshcare’s Recovery & Rebuilding webinar this week, focused on the mental and financial well-being of growers and small business owners, living in rural and regional Australia.  

Proudly sponsored by the NSW Government Small Business Month initiative, guests included industry experts providing services to these communities, focused on mental health, financial counselling, and community facilitation.  

To watch Recovery & Rebuilding click HERE.

We would like to thank Warren Davies (The Unbreakable Farmer) for sharing his personal story of running a farm, mental health struggles, and his journey into mental health advocacy. For many listening, his experience of challenging farm life and extreme weather events would be a familiar story. For more on Warren’s story click HERE.

Joe Hooper, Chief Executive Officer of Rural and Remote Mental Health (RRMH), a not-for-profit organisation, outlined the importance of programs such as ‘Rural Minds’ which empower people living within communities to become early intervention support, for people experiencing mental health challenges. For more information on the ‘Rural Minds’ program click HERE.

David Galloway, Executive Office of Rural Financial Counselling Service (NSW) (RFCS) shared the areas which farm owners and small business owners need to focus on to build resilience during times of crisis. He outlined the free services available to people in rural and regional areas who are seeking financial counselling support. For more information on RFCS click HERE.

Jane Siebum, Freshcare CEO talked about her personal experience of running a small business in the regional town of Bowen, Queensland, and her gratitude for the community’s support during challenging times. To find out more about Freshcare’s free and anonymous mental and financial counselling services click HERE.