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Tie Up Farming’s comprehensive technology management system has been transforming the agricultural sector for years now, becoming an essential tool for medium to large-scale operations. CEO Roei Yaakobi has a proven track record in successfully delivering projects across the horticulture industry. Growing up on a farm as a second-generation beekeeper he gained firsthand experience working with various crops and understanding the challenges associated with running a horticultural business.

The cloud-based platform’s primary strength lies in its ability to function offline, enabling growers to easily generate reports and recommendations that directly result in on-farm tasks.

“Agronomists can visit farms to scout for pests and diseases, providing in-depth reports with images and other data. These modules then offer detailed recommendations linked to the agro-business database. The agro-business can effortlessly convert these recommendations into spraying tasks with a single click, while simultaneously managing spray diaries and chemical inventories in one place,” Roei explains.

Tie Up Farming: Spray Diary

Among Freshcare participants, the Spray Diary module has become increasingly popular for managing spray tasks, capturing costs, and monitoring chemical usage on farms. With just a few clicks, teams can assign, record, and visualize spray tasks across their farming operations. The platform’s user-friendly interface is accessible through desktop, mobile, or native applications—even offline—making it an invaluable tool for those working in the field or remotely. Benefits of the Spray Diary module include:

• Assign tasks to yourself or field operators
• Select spray areas and choose chemicals/fertilizers from your list
• Generate warnings on withholding and re-entry periods
• Streamline audit processes
• Create spray tasks from mobile devices
• Operate the platform offline
• Access detailed, easy-to-understand information quickly
• Mark and complete processes on-the-go
• View nutrient and product breakdowns per Ha and per block/variety
• Obtain a comprehensive cost analysis of your farm operation, including detailed chemical and fertilizer costs

As the number of Freshcare users engaging with Tie Up continues to rise, Roei shares insights on the growing trend:

“Feedback from Freshcare participants has been overwhelmingly positive, citing the platform’s ease of use and comprehensive features.

“The ability to easily generate reports and recommendations, coupled with the spray diary module, leads to more successful audit outcomes.

“We do take our customer service and support very seriously and are making sure all of our customers have an easy onboarding process and ongoing usage of the platform.

Tie Up Farming is dedicated to providing innovative solutions to meet the unique challenges faced by the agricultural industry, and is a testament to their commitment to promoting sustainable and efficient farming practices.

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