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Freshcare eLearning

Freshcare eLearning platform,
providing Freshcare training Australia-wide.

Freshcare provides a practical approach to helping growers, packers and fresh produce supply chain businesses assure customers that their produce is safe to eat, via training implementation and certification to the Freshcare Standards. Freshcares' user-friendly approach has seen thousands of fresh produce businesses adopt the program since its launch in July 2000.

The development of the Freshcare eLearning platform now provides a remote access training option, allowing participants to complete the training online in their own time frame.

Freshcare training ensures each participating business has a full understanding of the requirements of the Standard they are implementing, how the requirements are applicable to their business and what needs to be undertaken, recorded and prepared to demonstrate compliance at audit.

Freshcare eLearning is a new format of training offered by Freshcare, but will not replace face-to-face training provided by the network of Freshcare trainers in each state. Freshcare eLearning is supported by the regional trainer network to provide assistance to participants when required.
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