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Freshcare eLearning

Freshcare eLearning provides an online, self-paced learning option for the Freshcare Standards

Food Safety & Quality - On Farm 

Food Safety & Quality - Supply chain

The Freshcare eLearning platform currently provides remote access training options for the Freshcare food safety and quality standards.

The key benefit to using the Freshcare eLearning platform, is that it enables self-paced learning by the trainee. Access to course materials, examples, and a message board for assistance from a trainer can all be utilised during times that are convenient for the user. 

Access to the course is immediate upon sign-up and is provided for 12-months. Training sign-off can occur anytime within that 12-month period, and access to course materials remains to enable trainees the ability to review and refresh their learning over the 12-month timeframe.

Freshcare training is an underpinning requirement of the Freshcare Standards to ensure each participating business has a full understanding of the requirements of the Standard, how to implement the requirements, and what needs to be undertaken, recorded, and prepared to demonstrate compliance at audit.

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