Freshcare Forms Online with SafetyCulture: Convert from paper to digital today!

Are you looking to move your Freshcare records from paper to a streamlined user-friendly and affordable digital platform? 

Utilising the SafetyCulture platform, Freshcare record keeping forms have been streamlined and digitised for the current Food Safety and Quality (FSQ4.2) standards criteria. 

What is the SafetyCulture platform? 

SafetyCulture is a mobile-first business management software application which allows you to digitise all the elements of your operations. 

The inspection and business management software lets you capture consistent data, identify areas of improvement, share reports and collaborate across working teams – all from one easy-to-use app.

What does this mean for your business?

The SafetyCulture subscription-based service provides an online system to assist with ongoing business management which supports you achieving certification.

By moving your paper-based system to this online platform you will be able to organise your record keeping requirements for growing and packing operations all in one place. You will also save time through automating processes, tasks and setting reminders.

Covering all of your business operations and management this includes; people management & training, planning for food safety, pre-harvest management, maintenance & activities, post-harvest treatment record, production identification & traceability, facilities management & cleaning, reviewing activities.

How does it work?

Freshcare has taken a new approach to the FSQ4.2 Standard Criteria and grouped logical flows and activities together to streamline the system into just 26 templates through this platform.

The templates are then customised based on your answers to your business activities. Which means you are only completing Freshcare Standard criteria that applies to your business activities.

You can choose from multiple response types including checkboxes, multiple choice and signature fields or upload your own records.