JAS-ANZ accreditation to ISO/IEC17065 for the following Standards
Freshcare Food Safety & Quality (FSQ4.2)
Freshcare Supply Chain (SCS2)
JAS-ANZ Accreditation Register – Intertek SAI Global

Intertek SAI Global Pty Ltd, a global provider of integrated risk management solutions and quality assurance, helps organisations to proactively manage business risk to create trust and achieve business confidence, growth, and sustainability. Their Business Assurance services division has a global reach with locations across Europe, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.

The team at Intertek SAI Global offers a comprehensive range of technical, training, audit, and risk management solutions. Their suite of food safety solutions can help improve business processes, maximise efficiencies, and minimise risks of product recalls, food-borne illnesses, or dissatisfied customers.

Whether you are a producer, processor, packager, packaging materials manufacturer, distributor, supplier or retailer – the team of food industry experts at Intertek SAI Global can help you ensure your protocols and practices are in compliance with the regulations of the markets you serve.

A decision to partner with Intertek SAI Global is one that inspires a high level of confidence in your brand, loyalty from your customers and partners, and the assurance that you have partnered with an astute service provider with highly skilled food industry experts.