Liz Alford of Maelroan Computers provides a wide variety of training for the farm and small business sector.

My husband and I were broad acre farmers in the Esperance area for 40 plus years. We now have 140 acres just south of Donnybrook which is our base when we are not on the road.

20 years ago I started my training business. Back then it was about teaching people how to turn on and use a computer and then how to use the programs.

15 years ago I trained to be an SQF consultant. In 2009 I was asked to train to be a licensed trainer for Freshcare. I now train both Food Safety & Environmental.

We travel all over WA in our self-contained Jayco 8m motor home to deliver a variety of training. On some occasions I travel by car or ute. In August 2010 we travelled in our ute to Kununurra and Katherine to deliver Freshcare training.

Today, with wide usage of the internet, training has now moved to a new level where clients want to use all the data they have collected over time to manage their business. This can range from smarter ways to do data entry, preparation of simple or complex budgets, data for accountant/farm adviser, production management recording and reporting for crops and livestock, detailed mapping to name some facets.

If you go to the Freshcare website, you will find my proposed training courses listed. All training is listed on my own web site in the calendar.

We spend about 9 months on the road training each year, and people make bookings up to a year ahead. So if you wish to have training, please make a booking – it is better to cancel than miss out.