JAS-ANZ accreditation to ISO/IEC17065 for the following Standards
Freshcare Food Safety & Quality (FSQ4.2)
Freshcare Supply Chain (SCS2)
JAS-ANZ Accreditation Register – AUS-QUAL

AUS-QUAL™ is a national service provider across a number of Agriculture and Horticulture sectors. AUS-QUAL provides a range of certification services and is accredited by the Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand (JAS-ANZ) to certify quality management systems against the (ISO 9001-2015) and Food Safety programs (HACCP).

AUS-QUAL works closely with the Australian agricultural and horticultural industries in the development; documentation and implementation of appropriate on farm HACCP based food safety management systems in the food production, processing and food service sectors.

AUS-QUAL currently provides a range of auditing and assessment services including:

  • Freshcare:
    • Food Safety & Quality
    • Food Safety & Quality – Supply Chain
    • Environmental
    • Sustainability Viticulture (AWISSP-VIT1), and
    • Sustainability Winery (AWISSP-WIN1)
  • HARPS;
  • Coles (in conjunction with Freshcare, BRCGS, SQF or GLOBALG.A.P);
  • Aldi (in conjunction with Freshcare, BRCGS, SQF or GLOBALG.A.P);
  • Costco (in conjunction with Freshcare, BRCGS, SQF or GLOBALG.A.P);
  • Woolworths Supermarket (WQA and Ethical audits);
  • Food safety HACCP based quality system auditing on behalf of State Government Authorities;
  • Organic (The National Standard for Organic & Bio-Dynamic Produce);
  • USDA NOP (The United States Department of Agriculture National Organic Program);
  • BRCGS;
  • GLOBALG.A.P FP (Fresh Produce) and GLOBALG.A.P IFA (Integrated Farm Assurance);
  • SQF (Safe Quality Food);
  • B-Qual;
  • Egg Standards of Australia (ESA);
  • The Australian Wood Packaging Scheme)  AWPCS;
  • Pet Food Standards (Pet Food Industry Association of Australia) PFIAA;
  • Ethical Audits, including, GRASP, SEDEX, Fair Farms;
  • Certification of Codex HACCP based Food Safety Programs for the food production, processing, and food service sectors;
  • Spotless Catering Supplier Audits;
  • The AUS-MEAT Accreditation Program;
  • The National Feedlot Accreditation Scheme (NFAS);
  • The National Saleyards Quality Assurance Program (NSQA);
  • Department of Agriculture; EU Certification Arrangement System;
  • Livestock Production Assurance (LPA);
  • LPA QA (CATTLECARE / Flockcare);
  • GAP (Global Animal Partnership);
  • PCAS (Pasturefed Cattle Assurance Scheme).

For AUS-QUAL enquiries please contact 1800 630 890.