IOAS accreditation to ISO/IEC17065 for the following Standards
Freshcare Food Safety & Quality (FSQ4.2)
Freshcare Supply Chain (SCS2)
IOAS Contract Number: 39

ACO Certification Ltd is Australia’s largest certifier for organic and biodynamic produce and provides certification services for over 2000 certified operations.

ACO has been providing Freshcare certification services to fresh produce businesses for over 10 years, and currently offer certification to the following standards;

  • Freshcare Food Safety & Quality – FSQ
  • Freshcare Supply Chain – SC
  • Freshcare Australian Wine Industry Standards of Sustainable Practice (AWISSP VIT and AWISSP WIN)

5 reasons why you should choose ACO Certification Ltd:

  1. Experience: Established in 1987, Australian Certified Organic, now ACO Certification Ltd has over 30 years of experience working specifically for the food industry.
  2. Service: ACO has a wide network of auditors which continues to grow in order to provide our operators with professional, efficient and timely audit services.
  3. Technical Support: ACO’s team of highly qualified and skilled certification staff and auditors are dedicated to providing you ongoing support from application to certification.
  4. Combined food safety, sustainability and organic certification: Having cross trained auditors enables ACO to provide time efficiencies and savings for clients requiring both organic and food safety certification. ACO also provides standalone Freshcare certification.
  5. Competitive fee structure: ACO’s competitive fee structure ensures you receive the best service at the best price.

ACO Certification Ltd is accredited by IOAS for the scope of Freshcare FSQ & SC product certification. Registration number: 39. Please refer IOAS Accredited Bodies for current information.