Freshcare has developed a framework that will allow remote audit activities to be undertaken for all Standards through the use of Information and Communication Technology (ICT). This framework establishes a process for Freshcare approved Certification Bodies to undertake a two-part audit process, combining ICT remote audit activities with an on-site assessment.

The framework aligns with GFSI benchmarking requirements and will be available as an option for re-certification audits to all Freshcare Standards.

What is the two-part audit process?

  • The two-part audit is voluntary if you meet the criteria, and you and your certifier agree to it.
  • The same auditor must complete both Part A and Part B unless there are extenuating circumstances.
  • Part A and Part B audits must be completed within a maximum of 30 days.
  • Part A can start before harvest/operational months if Part B is finished within harvest/operational months, and the two parts are completed within 30 days.
  • Your certifier determines the ICT option that is used with your audit. You need to meet the minimum requirement – like stable internet connection – for the ICT audit component to be undertaken effectively.

The following audits can be done as two-part audits:

  • Re-certification audits to all standards.
  • Scope upgrades:
  1. Where it is not the inclusion of a new site (crop scope upgrade), based on risk, remote only is permitted.
  2. Where it is the addition of a new site and not greater than four (4) months until the next audit, remote audit permitted until the next audit due.

Agent/Broker scope under the Supply Chain Standard can be competed fully remotely, particularly where they operate as a virtual site.

The following audits cannot be done as two-part audits:

  • Initial audits to all standards.
  • Unannounced audits.