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By going through the rigorous processes involved in gaining Freshcare certification and ensuring on-farm and post­harvest food safety, you’ve not only made sure your produce meets the highest standards, but you’ve also earned the right to exclusive insurance coverage and competitive premium rates from AB Phillips

A lot of the time, insurance can be a box you feel like you need to tick, without really thinking about the specifics of why you’re getting it or what it will need to do. It means that plenty of businesses in the Agriculture and food producing industries end up with policies that leave them exposed in certain areas while they’re paying for cover in other areas that they’ll never even need.

When you insure through AB Phillips, it’s about more than just ticking some boxes on the types of insurance you should have. To make sure you’re really covered, their team work with you, asking a lot of questions to ensure they understand in detail what you do and how they can best provide advice to help minimise your risk. They also use their experience in the Agriculture and Food producing Industries to find gaps in your insurance and where you are paying for something you don’t need.

In addition, they negotiate with the underwriters and can get you access to types of coverage you might not be able to find elsewhere. Part of ensuring you’re really covered also means that when it’s time to make a claim – they handle it all for you from start to finish.

Experts in property insurance and EPS

One of the big issues many Agriculture and food producing businesses experience with their insurance is seeing their property premiums skyrocketing. That’s because of cool stores and the insulated EPS Panels used as insultation are seen as a major fire risk by insurers. These insulated EPS Panels are often misunderstood in terms of the risk they carry to buildings, warehouses and cool stores. Through AB Phillips’ strong relationship with the Insulated Panel Council of Australasia Pty Ltd (IPCA), they understand the difference between panel types and have worked to develop a greater, more specialised insurance solution that takes into consideration your building compositions. In addition, because you’ve gone through the Freshcare certification, we already understand how rigorous your food safety programs are, and how they are minimising your risks.

Find out what it takes to be really covered

If you want to know what it’s like to be really covered, reach out to Alan Limpyer or Mark Van Der Haar at AB Phillips expert team on 1300 242 136 or email them on [email protected]
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