Agroen Services (Joel Dinsdale)

Joel Dinsdale has worked in the agriculture food sector since 2004, focusing primarily on viticulture, oenology and horticulture.  After completing a Bachelor of Applied Science (Viticulture and Oenology), Joel has worked in a variety of quality and management positions around the country.  These roles include crop and post-harvest management positions where he has gained experience in the supply chain requirements for growing, packing and processing of produce.

Joel has experience in auditing food safety systems and has lectured in food safety auditing and HACCP principles.  His passion is assisting businesses in setting up and maintaining safe food systems, whilst also meeting dynamic market requirements.

Joel can provide group and one-on-one training sessions that will ensure that you are educated in Food Safety & Quality (FSQ4), Environmental (ENV3) and audit ready.  Joel has developed a number of effective support documents that will assist in the implementation of a safe food and/or environmental system.

Contact Details:

Joel Dinsdale
AGROEN Service Pty Ltd
Email:  [email protected]  or  [email protected]
Phone: +61 417 857 675