Freshcare, in partnership with Hort Innovation, is asking for valuable input into an industry-wide grower survey to help businesses and exporters meet regulatory requirements more efficiently, giving Australian agriculture a trade advantage.

The project is focused on how Regulatory Technology (RegTech) could be used to reduce the level of system duplication that exists for grower businesses related to compliance with industry, regulatory, and crop-specific requirements.  

Freshcare’s grower survey will help assess the level of compliance responsibilities for grower businesses in the horticulture industry, identifying the factors contributing to regulatory challenges faced by participants.

CLICK HERE TO COMPLETE THE SURVEY (estimated time 5-10 minutes)

This Survey Closes 5th April 2024.

Results of the survey will be used to understand the factors impacting growers, including time, costs, training requirements, and the broad number of systems to determine:

  • Level of duplication across systems
  • Cost of system compliance for grower businesses
  • The business case for removing duplication using Regulatory Technology (RegTech).

Supported by a $471,000 grant from the Australian Government the project is part of a $6 million funding initiative seeking innovative solutions as part of the Regulatory Technology (RegTech) Research and Insights Grant Round of the National Agriculture Traceability Grants Program.

The broader goal of the multi-organisation RegTech Grant project is to find emerging technology and systems that make it easier for growers to trace their produce along the supply chain, to support maximum food safety and quality, and to support sustainability claims.