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Unless farmers fix their data management practices first, there is no chance of successfully deploying the new technologies under the precision farming.


All new technologies hitting agriculture are based on analyzing data – artificial intelligence and machine learning are all using “Big Data” analytics, but the inputs are often unstructured. We’re promised the algorithms will figure it all out, but the unfortunately the reality is not so easy. If your inputs aren’t specific, the data outputs will be arbitrary and unhelpful.

As far as precision agriculture is a journey, data management needs to be the focus at this stage of the journey. It may seem boring, but the rewards are there waiting. From good data comes many opportunities.

Farmable is a Farm Management Platform designed by growers, for the unique needs of fruit and tree crop growers. Our Platform works across devices, namely mobile, tablet and desktop through a combination of our Farm Management App, and add-on modules.

Check out our articles and blogs which cover topics such as, Compliance, Pest & Disease Management, Agronomy, Your Spray Logs, Orchard Farming & Farm Management Apps.

Farmable is an intuitive office in the pocket to easily record all you need for spray, fertilizer and harvest documentation on the go.

Farmable Data Management Tools For Your Farm

Farmable Core:
Digital model your fields, fast spray & fertilizer logs, task management, automate your reports.

Farmable Pro:
Farmable Core tools plus – decision support for spraying, connect & integrate other tech and weather stations.

Product Inventory Management:
Track product inventory on phone, automatically update inventory levels, save time creating reports of product inventory, insight in product spend per field.

Check out our products, read our Grower Success Stories, chat to our team to find how our products can help you manage your data better and improve your bottom line.

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