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Requirements & costs
Freshcare eLearning

The Freshcare eLearning platform is designed to give participants online access to Freshcare training and supporting resources.

Training courses are presented as program modules, which reflect the sections and requirements of the applicable Freshcare Standard.

The user friendly eLearning interface allows participants to login to the platform and take off from where they last left their course. Course can be completed at the participants' own pace, with the ability to review modules and resources as required.

Module video introductions, examples and templates are provided with all eLearning courses to provide a guided and interactive training experience. 

Freshcare eLearning participants have access to a private message board where they can ask questions one-on-one with assigned trainers and Freshcare administrative staff.

The Freshcare eLearning courses are suitable to participants that are new to Freshcare or existing participants looking to upgrade or transition to new Standard requirements. If the eLearning platform sounds like the right option for you, sign up today or contact us for more information.

eLearning course outline and costs

The eLearning platform provides:

  • 12 months access to the Freshcare eLearning platform and course materials.
  • Resources, factsheets, examples and downloadable forms for record-keeping.
  • Module quizzes and content review opportunities.
  • Private message board between trainee and Freshcare trainers or administration support.
  • Business registration with Freshcare for auditing purposes. 
  • A certificate of training or completion upon sign off of all course content.
Course Types Application Access Cost (GST inclusive)
Freshcare Food Safety & Quality - Edition 4.2 (FSQ4.2) Growers, packers, trainers, auditors, students, industry representatives.  12 months $682.00 per trainee
Freshcare Supply Chain Standard Edition 2 (SC2-FSQ)

Supply chain businesses, transporters, trainers, auditors, students, industry representatives. 

12 months $682.00 per trainee
Freshcare Food Safety & Quality - FSQ4.2 Transition module

Transition modules for trainees updating from FSQ4 or FSQ4.1 to FSQ4.2 only.

Note: Do not select this course if you have not undertaken prior training to the above standards.

12 months $337.70 per trainee

Information on payment, cancellation and refund policies can be found here: eLearning policies

Time involved

The eLearning platform allows for flexibility of course access to times that suit the training participant.

The time required to complete an eLearning course will vary per training participant and is dependant on time available to commit to course completion, previous knowledge or experience with Freshcare and other food safety programs. 

We have indicated as a guide that a trainee could complete one course module per week (approximately 1-2 hours each week) they would have the full FSQ4.2 course completed within 2-3 months. This is an indication only as we have had training participants complete the full course over a weekend. 

Please note:
eLearning access for the FSQ4.2 and SC2-FSQ courses is 12 months.
These time frames indicate how long trainees will have access to the eLearning course materials regardless of whether the course has been 'completed' or not. 
Extensions for course access can be purchased if required.  

Course completion

Once the course materials have been completed online, training participants submit their course for completion so a review and follow-up can be undertaken by a Freshcare Trainer.

Please factor in the time it takes for review, follow-up and sign-off of your course by a trainer, when undertaking the course for auditing purposes. 

Course review, follow-up and sign-off will normally occur between 2-5 business days from course submission. 
This could extend up to 10-12 business days if additional support is required to be provided to the training participant, or during periods of 'peak submission' (when there have been a high number of training participants submitting for completion at the same time).   

System Requirements

Freshcare eLearning is designed to work on any modern device with online capability.  For optimal use a desktop or laptop computer with screen resolution width 1200 pixels or greater is recommended. 

To watch videos you must be connected to the Internet, a 3G, 4G or Wi-Fi connection for optimal viewing is recommended. 

Software requirements

You can use a Mac, PC, iPad or other tablets to access Freshcare eLearning via the internet. To use the templates provided within the eLearning courses, you will need Microsoft Word. To view the examples you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader which is freely available here https://get.adobe.com/reader/

Freshcare eLearning is tested to work with current versions of Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari at the time of launch.

Data Usage

A data use estimate for the eLearning platform is provided below (as an estimate only) based on the FSQ4.2 course content.

The entire eLearning platform takes approximately 400MB.

On top of that, there are 20 videos at roughly 10MB of transfer each.

If every file in the eLearning platform was accessed it's estimated a max 1GB* data would be used for the entire FSQ4.2 course.

* This is an estimate only as it will vary depending on things like caching (or not if history is cleared); what files are accessed; what resolution videos are viewed at; what documents are upload and/or download etc. These variables all affect the data estimate, either up or down.