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Freshcare eLearning

Food Safety & Quality (on-farm) - FSQ4.2 Full Course

The Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard - Edition 4.2 is for application by growers and grower/packers.

Developed to provide benefits to suppliers and customers by linking food safety on-farm to the quality and food safety management programs of other members of the fresh produce supply chain, the Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard - Edition 4.2 (FSQ4.2) outlines specific practices that must be implemented and maintained through production, to ensure continuous food safety and quality requirements are met on-farm.

The Freshcare FSQ4.2 training course provides an essential understanding of food safety and quality hazards in fresh produce and the practices required to comply with the criteria outlined in the Freshcare Standard. The eLearning platform presents examples of evidence of compliance; along with the tools and record-keeping documents needed to construct an on-farm food safety program.

The Freshcare FSQ4.2 training course content covers:

  • Analysing on-farm hazards from growing, harvesting and packing processes
  • Good agricultural practices for managing fresh produce food safety risks
  • Knowledge of supply chain food safety requirements
  • Documentation required for a Freshcare compliance
  • Steps to complete an audit and Freshcare certification

All elements of the Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard - Edition 4.2 (FSQ4.2)  as outline below, are covered in the course contents: 


  • Scope and commitment
  • Food safety culture
  • Documentation
  • Training and development
  • Internal audit, corrective and preventative action
  • Customer requirements

Food Safety & Quality

  • Hazard analysis
  • Growing site
  • Planting materials
  • Chemicals
  • Fertilisers and soil additives
  • Water
  • Allergens
  • Premises, facilities, equipment, tools, packaging and vehicles
  • Animals and pests
  • People
  • Suppliers
  • Food defence and food fraud
  • Product identification and traceability
  • Incident management, recall and withdrawal

Food Safety & Quality (on-farm) - FSQ4.2 Transition

The FSQ4.2 Transition module available via eLearning provides a self-navigated resource to get trainees updated on the changes from FSQ4 to FSQ4.1 and FSQ4.2 only (30 pages of content, no quizzes or required uploads). 

Completion of the FSQ4.2 transition module provides upgrade training only - not full training required for new food safety managers or new businesses. 

Completion of this transition course will not provide you with a recognised Freshcare training certificate, if you need to complete full training to receive a Freshcare training certificate, you will need to enroll in the FSQ4.2 Food Safety & Quality training course.


Supply Chain - SC2 Course

The Freshcare Supply Chain Standard - Edition 2 (SC2-FSQ) is for application by businesses in the supply chain including:

  • Receipt
  • Packing & Handling (including Pre-pack/Re-pack)
  • Storage
  • Ripening
  • Fumigation
  • Wholesale
  • Agent & brokerage
  • Transport & Distribution

SC2 has been developed to address the challenges of food safety and quality compliance for businesses involved in supply chain operations. 

The Freshcare Supply Chain Edition 2 (SC2-FSQ) is a food safety program based on the Codex Alimentarius Recommended International Codes of Practice – General Principles of Food Hygiene CXC 1-1969, Revised 2020, which includes Good Hygiene Practices and the Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System

Consistent with the other Freshcare standards, all businesses participating in SC2 must have at least one representative (with day-to-day operational responsibility for the implementation and management of the standard) complete approved Freshcare Food Safety & Quality training to ensure a full understanding of the program requirements.

The training component for SC2-FSQ can be achieved via the Freshcare SC2 eLearning course, proudly supported by Fresh Markets Australia (FMA)*. 

All elements of the Freshcare Supply Chain Standard Edition 2 as outline below, are covered in the eLearning course content: 

Introduction and the Freshcare Rules

  • R1 Scope
  • R2 Freshcare Registration Process
  • R3 Two-part Audit process
  • R4 Freshcare Certification Process
  • R5 Corrective Action Report (CAR) Rating and Closure
  • R6 Fees
  • R7 Suspensions and Withdrawal
  • R8 Complaints and Appeals
  • R9 Use of the Freshcare Logo


  • M1 Scope and commitment
  • M2 Documentation
  • M3 Training and development 
  • M4 Customer and regulatory requirements
  • M5 Food defence and food fraud
  • M6 Supplier Management
  • M7 Incident management, withdrawal, and recall
  • M8 Internal audit, corrective, and preventative action

Supply Chain

  • SC1 Hazard analysis
  • SC2 People
  • SC3 Allergen Management
  • SC4 Incoming goods and process inputs
  • SC5 Facilities
  • SC6 Product handling, processing, and packing
  • SC7 Product identification and traceability
  • SC8 Control of foreign objects
  • SC9 Equipment and tools
  • SC10 Maintenance and cleaning
  • SC11 Waste management
  • SC12 Pest management
  • SC13 Transport