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Freshcare eLearning


Freshcare is currently the largest Australian assurance program for fresh produce; proudly providing food safety and quality, and environmental certification services to over 5500 businesses nationally.

The foundations of the Freshcare Program are the user-friendly Codes of Practice and detailed training materials. The Freshcare Codes describe the practices required on-farm to provide assurance that fresh produce is safe to eat, meets customer specifications and legislative requirements, and has been produced with care for the environment.

Freshcare currently offers certification to the following Codes of Practice:

icon-foodsafetyquality Freshcare Food Safety & Quality FSQ4.1

 Freshcare Food Safety & Quality - Supply Chain SC1

icon-environmental Freshcare Environmental ENV3

 icon-environmental-viticulture Freshcare Environmental – Viticulture

 icon-environmental-winery Freshcare Environmental – Winery

The Freshcare Standards are versatile and user-friendly, created to be implemented as standalone programs or integrated as one combined assurance system. The Freshcare Standards can also be incorporated with other quality, food safety and farm management systems.

Freshcare eLearning

The Freshcare eLearning platform enables course participants to ‘build’ their Freshcare manual as they progress through the online training course, developing business specific resources to support implementation within their own business practices and operations.

The first course available on the Freshcare eLearning platform was the FSQ4 training course to the Freshcare Code of Practice - Food Safety & Quality Edition 4.

FSQ4 eLearning courseRegister now

The second course released on the Freshcare eLearning platform is the SC1 training course to the Freshcare Food Safety & Quality - Supply Chain Standard Edition 1.

SC1 eLearning courseRegister now


Extensive industry consultation determined that a practical, user-friendly, remote-learning option would be a key component of future Freshcare training.

The Freshcare eLearning platform was developed to deliver training options to all Freshcare Standards providing a remote access online training option, which could also be used as an integrated component of ‘face-to-face’ and blended training options.