Freshcare Survey – Certification and compliance in Australia

Published on August 14, 2020

As an organisation in existence to service the needs of its participating businesses and industry, Freshcare is continually striving to achieve better outcomes for its participants and to ensure the requirements of our Standards continue to meet the demands of multiple market requirements.

Independent certification supports industry, by providing assurance that business activities are verified to meet standard requirements, boosting the confidence of purchasers, suppliers, retailers, and consumers.

We are undertaking this survey on ‘Certification and compliance in Australia’ to analyse the various activities currently undertaken by our participating businesses and industry stakeholders.  

The survey is conducted in accordance with national privacy legislation and respects the rights of all respondents. Participation in the survey is voluntary and responses are anonymous and confidential, with no possibility of the information provided being linked to personal details.

The survey is now open and will remain open until 1 September 2020.

To participate in the survey please click on the button below.