Peter Irwin, Beaulieu R.U.M Pty Ltd.

25 years on and still turning heads

Nature, it’s often said, can be hard to beat for beauty, ingenuity, and design.

So it stands to reason “borrowing” from nature might be a wise move – and that’s what happened for the team behind the popular liquid nutrient Beaulieu R.U.M.

Owned, operated, and manufactured in Australia, Beaulieu R.U.M. is widely used throughout Australia on cereal crops, pulse crops, pastures, sugar cane, and small crops.

More than 25 years ago it all started from a worm farm.
“The idea was to produce a non-caustic liquid concentrate to top dress crops and pastures at critical growth stages. There was nothing else available at the time.”
“In the mid-90s blokes were just spreading urea and hoping for a rain event so it would get incorporated.”
The result was Beaulieu R.U.M. – A nutrient-rich liquid concentrate produced at the Beaulieu lane facility near Inverell Northern NSW.

The R.U.M. is ideal at planting and is an easy and effective means of nitrogen application saving up to 40% on the cost of urea for the area treated.
“We are getting particularly good results on crops with R.U.M. applied pre-plant with knockdowns or injected onto the seed at planting in conjunction with a good starter Z type fertiliser, this is then followed by an in-crop R.U.M. application.”
Along with the ease of application, Beaulieu R.U.M. has the benefit of improving soil health while the crop is growing.

Increased plant root growth, driven by the nutrients and the natural earthworm biology in R.U.M., help overall soil health and, most importantly, get a good crop through to the business end economically.
“We are starting to see farmers really appreciate the relationship between Organic matter, Organic Carbon, Nitrogen and healthy soil biology, all these require healthy plant growth and balance to perform positively. Studies show the excessive use of synthetic nitrogen for short-term gains, will, and does draw down the Organic Carbon in our fragile soils, with the resultant nitrate runoff from poor soil structure damaging water ways. The damage from nitrates to the barrier reef being a good example. “
“I believe that our Beaulieu R.U.M. helps turn this around.”

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