Tie Up Farming is a cloud-based, end-to-end software solution for labour-intensive horticultural agribusinesses.

The capacity of technological information management is revolutionizing the horticultural industry. This highly technological approach allows growers to capture critical day-to-day production information while benefiting from full input and output traceability and increased visibility potential over their operations.

From spraying, spreading, fertigating, and picking, end-to-end software systems have the potential to maximise yield while improving input allocation efficiency through centralized data collection.

One of Tie Up Farming’s most redeeming feature is its cost capturing capabilities. This feature provides useful costing calculations at both block and row level, supporting growers in making sound decisions about chemical applications and assessing ongoing labor costs. With this feature, growers are able to assess total running costs associated with particular blocks or rows and calculate their return on investment.

The traceability level gained when using Tie Up Farming software solution is second to none. Our Harvest module takes QR barcode and GPS system technologies to offer state-of-the-art traceability capabilities. Each QR code is associated with a GPS location tied to a specific row within a block tracing the bins from each pack-out location. Our Harvest module incorporates features such as fully customisable quality assurance, guaranteeing a consistent output quality and accurate tracing of damaged goods.

Further to our Harvest module, Tie Up Farming provides a full farm input management system enabling growers to give new and visualise ongoing spray, spread, and fertigation tasks. With the possibility to distinguish between the three main types of chemical and fertiliser application Tie Up Farming set new standards in task reporting accuracy.

Our system offers remarkable visualisation over day-to-day factors of production with a highly technological approach to data capture. Through the use of Tie Up Farming’s software solution, accurately achieving full product traceability has never been easier.

At Tie Up Farming, our mission is to support growers through providing the best end-to-end software solution in the market, offering state-of-the-art harvest, labor, and chemical traceability with comprehensive cost capturing capabilities.

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