Using the Freshcare Recognised Supplier Register

The Freshcare Recognised Suppliers Register (FRSR) provides Freshcare participating businesses and broader members of the fresh produce and wine industry, with access to a number of suppliers of materials and services that can assist in servicing their business.

The Freshcare Standards require that participating businesses take into consideration the materials and services they use that may introduce a food safety risk and are required to manage and maintain evidence of compliance for suppliers of such materials and services.

The FRSR provides suppliers in these categories the opportunity to not only promote and disclose the services they offer but the ability to upload evidence of compliance in the form of Certificates of Certification, Certificates of Analysis, Water Quality Reports, Statements of Compliance or written declarations, allowing Freshcae participating businesses with the ability to access required compliance evidence online. 

While Freshcare endeavours to ensure that the FRSR is accurate, complete and current Freshcare makes no representation in relation to the accuracy, completeness or currency of the FRSR. Reliance on the information provided by suppliers and businesses listed on the FRSR is at the end users’ own risk. For mor information please refer to our Freshcare Recognised Suppliers Register – Terms and Conditions.