Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety

Published on May 10, 2016

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre is an industry-led, industry-supported, not-for-profit company established to enhance fresh produce food safety across Australia and New Zealand through research, outreach and education.

The Fresh Produce Safety Centre released the Guidelines for Fresh Produce Food Safety in September 2015, providing an essential resource to industry for use across the fresh produce value chain.

Freshcare is a proud supporter of the Fresh Produce Safety Centre and provided input into the creation of the Guidelines for Freshcare Produce Food Safety.

The updated Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Edition 4 (FSQ4) Code of Practice (to be released in June 2016), will reference and base many of its critical limits on the science-based Guidelines for Freshcare Produce Food Safety.  The Guidelines also providing an underpinning resource for training delivered to businesses participating in Freshcare.

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