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Guide to transitioning to FSQ4 and ENV3

January 5, 2017

Freshcare Newsletter 27 provides an overview on transitioning to the new Codes:

  • Page 3: Outlines the transition timeframe. All audits from 1 January 2017 must be to Freshcare FSQ4/ENV3.
  • Page 4-5: Explains how the new manuals are set out, and an explanation of how to read the Codes of Practice.
  • Page 6-8: Provides a brief overview of changes for each section of the Code.

The newsletter was posted to all participating businesses in early June 2016.

To complete the transition to the new edition, we recommend all growers to go through the new FSQ4/ENV3 Form – M4 Internal Audit Report. This form and all the other resources (Code of Practice, Forms and Factsheets) are available through your FreshcareOnline logon by following the steps below:

Retrieving your password to FreshcareOnline

You can retrieve your password by following the steps below:

  1. Click on “FreshcareOnline Login” on the website.
  2. The FreshcareOnline database page will load; click on “Forgotten“.
  3. Enter your username.
  4. Click “Get Password“.

If you don’t have your username, please contact us with your business details to have it reissued.

Downloading Code Resources

Once you log on to FreshcareOnline, click on the “Select…” button at the top which will bring a drop-down menu. Click on Resources and the page will load with a list of links to resources for different Codes.

  1. To download Code Resources, click on the arrow next to Freshcare FSQ4/ENV3 – Grower Resources.
  2. To download Forms as individual Word document files, click on the arrow next to Freshcare FSQ4/ENV3 – Forms (Individual Word Docs).
  3. To download the Freshcare Rules, click on the arrow next to Freshcare Rules and Logo Style Guide Specifications.

You can print these resources for free online. Alternatively, if you decide you want to order a hardcopy manual from us, we have these available for purchase via the Freshcare eStore.

Refresher training:

Most businesses can transition themselves across to the new Editions, however Freshcare trainers also offer Freshcare refresher training to help businesses who would like further assistance.