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Hort VC Group (Scott Ledger)

The Hort VC Group was established in 2012 to help horticulture businesses to improve knowledge and skills along the whole value chain from production to retail and strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the chains. Two of the Directors, Scott Ledger and Rowland Holmes, previously worked as extension officers with the Queensland Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Scott is an approved trainer for Freshcare Food Safety & Quality and Freshcare Environmental. He has worked with an Australia-wide network of technical experts since 1995 to help the Australian horticulture industry develop and implement on-farm assurance programs.

The network developed guidelines for approved supplier programs and on-farm food safety and developed and delivered training courses for farmers. The network was also responsible for developing the original version of the Freshcare Code of Practice and the training course materials used for farmer training for the Freshcare program.

Scott was a member of the project team that worked with representatives of the 10 ASEAN member countries to develop a voluntary standard for ASEAN Good Agriculture Practice, and delivered a training course on ASEAN GAP for trainers from each country.