Fresh Food Systems and Associates (Graham McAlpine)

Graham has worked in the agriculture food supply chain since 1980 assisting various sectors of the industry to manage risk; retain / improve market access; interpret and deal with regulation plus supply chain integration and education.

In the 20 years from 1980, he worked as a horticulture technical officer with the WA Department of Agriculture where his roles included production and post-harvest systems management, domestic and export market access, development of quality standards / metrics / interpretation, development and delivery of Horticulture industry quality assessment programs and biosecurity implementation, management and Plant Deed response.

From 1994 on, he has been instrumental with other food safety professionals in developing systems and education packages for horticulture producers and supply chain partners to enable them to meet the changing food safety / quality system requirements as more has become known about implications of food safety especially with fresh produce.

He has worked with food safety professionals in the industry in the period 2001 to present developing and helping fine tune system and audit requirements with the federal government regulator ANZFA / FSANZ and the Quality system owners, their directors and their certification body partners.

He is a sessional lecturer in food safety, HACCP and systems risk management in Agribusiness programs with Curtin University in Western Australia and delivered HACCP and SQF Systems and Auditor training from (1995-2004).

He has contributed with colleagues to the development of the more practical Freshcare program for Horticulture since 2002 and has delivered training for the Freshcare food safety and Freshcare environmental certification programs since they were developed.