Freshcare Supply Chain Standard – Coming Soon

Published on June 19, 2017

Work has commenced on the development of a Freshcare Supply Chain Standard to address the challenges of food safety and quality compliance for businesses involved in supply chain operations, including fresh produce storage, ripening, packing, distribution, brokerage and wholesale operations.

Based on the accredited Freshcare Food Safety and Quality Standard, the Freshcare Supply Chain Standard will comprise both prescriptive elements and business specific risk assessments.

The draft Freshcare Supply Chain Standard will be released for market trials in July 2017 and will then follow a similar JAS-ANZ accreditation and GFSI benchmark process as the existing Freshcare food safety and quality standard, adding a further recognised compliance option across the fresh produce supply chain.

Updates on training and implementation support for the Freshcare Supply Chain Standard will be provided at the Freshcare Forum + GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR Stop on Tuesday 8th August 2017.