Freshcare Supply Chain Standard (SC1) approved base scheme under HARPS

Published on July 20, 2018

The Freshcare Supply Chain Standard (SC1) has been approved as a base scheme under HARPS (the Harmonised Australian Retailer Produce Scheme), enabling fresh produce supply chain businesses to now seek joint certification to the recently released accredited standard.

Following the Freshcare HACCP-based model, the new Supply Chain Standard comprises of prescriptive compliance criteria for businesses operating throughout the fresh produce supply chain, including those dealing with packing and handling, storage and ripening, transport and distribution, and wholesale and brokerage.

The Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard (FSQ4) remains the appropriate standard for growers and grower-packers.  FSQ4 is also approved as a base scheme under HARPS.

As with the other Freshcare standards, all businesses participating in SC1 must have at least one representative, with day-to-day operational involvement in the implementation and management of food safety and quality, complete approved Freshcare training to ensure a full understanding of the program requirements.

For SC1, the training will be delivered via the Freshcare eLearning platform.

Freshcare General Manager, Industry Development, Clare Hamilton-Bate said the release of the supply chain standard and associated training module was a long awaited service for industry.

“For a business to be certified to the Freshcare Supply Chain Standard, they must complete this module, to ensure a consistency in understanding and a uniformity of implementation”.

“Delivering the module through an e-learning process provides easier access for businesses to undertake training and maintain compliance both cost-effectively and efficiently,” Ms Hamilton-Bate said.

The eLearning module was developed with the support of Fresh Markets Australia (FMA).

FMA Executive Officer Gail Woods said industry welcomed the development of the Supply Chain Standard and the eLearning module, and she encouraged businesses involved in fresh produce supply chain operations to consider this new training and certification option.

Ms Woods said FMA members received a 10% discount on eLearning course fees, providing further encouragement to take up the opportunity to implement the new standard and provide increasingly rigorous food safety and quality assurance to Australian fresh produce consumers.

To achieve certification, supply chain businesses must first undertake the Freshcare SC1 eLearning course and then implement the system within their business operations. Once a business has the system fully implemented, they can schedule an audit with a Freshcare approved certification body, providing independent 3rd party verification of their compliance to the standard.

For more information please contact Freshcare on P: +61 2 8039 9999 (1300 853 508) or [email protected]