HTM Complete


In 2005, Fabian Gallo, a farmer and Irrigation Agronomist (CIAg2743), established Hydrotech Monitoring Pty Ltd TA HTM Complete, selling and installing off-the-shelf monitoring and irrigation automation equipment. Hydrotech Monitoring quickly saw a gap in the industry being able to provide real-time data, telemetry-based monitoring and advanced, automation irrigation systems based upon plant/crop water needs.

HTM Complete became known for its leading-edge, custom irrigation management projects. Working nationally and internationally on some unique innovative automated irrigation systems including PNG, France and the USA.

While these products and services are our specialties, we were pushed by our leading farmers to provide more than just irrigation control and sought after an all-in-one platform that could communicate to 3rd party brands and keep up to compliance, spraying, staff and more. Our customers wanted access to the most advanced technology in one platform.