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Freshcare Benchmarking to the Global Food Safety Initiative

April 3, 2018

Freshcare’s benchmark application was submitted to the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) as soon as our 12 month ‘accreditation waiting period*’ was complete, on the 24 January 2018.

Our application to benchmark has now been approved.  The full benchmark, updated to the newly released GFSI v7.2 will be submitted for review prior to the end of April. Our ‘Desk Review’ has been earmarked for May 2018, with our ‘Office Visit’ scheduled for mid/late June.  Subject to all those steps going according to plan and time, the Public Stakeholder Consultation should take place in July, with the benchmark process concluded by September 2018.

Freshcare’s progress to full benchmark can be monitored via the GFSI website:

*GFSI require that 10 accredited certificates are issued / held for 12 months by each of two Certification Bodies for each scope of GFSI benchmark (B1 and D).