Speaker Presentations

Presentations from the Freshcare Forum + GLOBALG.A.P. TOUR Stop are available for download below – click on the title to download:

Freshcare Supply Chain Standard – Jacinta Fong

Supply Chain Perspective – Costa Group – Bill Northausen

Salad Producers Forum Fertiliser Standard – Richard Bennett

Partnering for Global Assurance – Belinda Millard and Clare Hamilton-Bate

Export Markets – Australian Citrus – David Daniels

Single Use Plastic. A bigger issue than climate change? – Andy Chambers

Focus on the Environment – Andrew Monk

The Fair Farms Initiative – Rachel Mackenzie

RSCA Workforce Service Provider Certification – Charles Cameron

A live video recording of some of the FCGG2017 speaker sessions was captured by Good Fruit & Vegetables, a link to the recording can be seen via their Facebook PageĀ