1. Why have you changed the Standard?

Published on July 10, 2019

The Freshcare Food Safety & Quality Standard (FSQ4) has been updated to FSQ4.1 to ensure Freshcare certification is compliant with the benchmarks set under GFSI. Freshcare has to achieve GFSI benchmark status to ensure ongoing market acceptance by retailers.  Without GFSI benchmarking, Freshcare would cease to be recognised and the Australian fresh produce industry would lose its most relevant, practical and cost-effective food safety certification option. Benchmarking to GFSI means Freshcare food safety systems are aligned with world’s best practice.

The updates found in FSQ4.1 relate to management records, policies and procedures and some additional requirements related to managing food safety risks, particularly related to worker health and hygiene.

The GFSI benchmark will also mean changes for our certification bodies in areas such as auditor competency, audit scheduling and management of corrective actions.

The Freshcare office has also been required to update our internal management systems and operating procedures to meet GFSI requirements.