What should I expect when booking my Freshcare audit?

Published on December 23, 2021

Each Certification Body is an independent business and therefore their processes may differ slightly. We do know there are a few things you will need to provide them with, in order for them to provide you with a quote and audit booking. The following is an example of the audit booking process:

  1. Provide your details to a Certification Body such as; business and contact details, sites and locations, the Freshcare training and Standard you want certification for.
  2. Receive a quote for your audit and proposed date or unannounced format request (applicable to Food Safety Quality + Supply Chain Standard only see information under Unannounced Audits).
  3. Accept quote from Certification Body.
  4. Receive contract for audit from Certification Body.
  5. Sign and return contract for audit to Certification Body.