What is an unannounced audit?

Published on July 10, 2019

An unannounced audit is the same as your standard re-certification audit, with the exception that you will not know when the auditor will arrive to your site. With the release of FSQ4.2, all sites will now have to undergo an unannounced audit of 1 in every 4 years.

Your Certification Body is required to give you a date range in which the audit will occur, in line with the requirement that it must be within harvest period and no more than 60 days ahead of your “re-certification audit due date”.

You can tell your Certification Body of up to 10 days of non-operational periods within this timeframe to allow for days that you know you don’t have activity in the business (i.e. every Monday is a non-harvest day). Businesses with a very short harvest period can nominate 5 days of non-operational activity.

Contact your Certification Body or Freshcare if you would like to know more.