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We are the main supplier of Ag chemicals and fertilisers in our area and have been asked by several clients to sign approved supplier letters for their Freshcare FSQ Program. The letter asks us to confirm if products contain or have been in contact with known allergens and a list of allergens is provided. We can’t provide this assurance as we are not the manufacturer of the products and also don’t know what they may have been in contact with during storage and distribution. How do we respond to our clients?

July 15, 2015

This concern has been raised by many Freshcare members and their suppliers. We have amended the letters / specifications in consideration of this. The letters will still ask you to advise if you are aware that the product contains or has been in contact with known allergens. If you are not the manufacturer of the product and thus cannot provide an assurance of the allergen status, you should state this in your response.