I have an additional business that requires separate Freshcare Certification. How do I go about achieving Freshcare Certification this business and what are the costs?

Published on July 15, 2015

If the second business is operating separately to the existing business registered with Freshcare, you will be required to register the additional business by completing an Additional Business Registration Form. Registering an additional business incurs a $93.50 (Incl GST) registration fee.

There is no additional training requirement when registering an additional business if the trained representative from the existing business will be managing the Freshcare Program for the additional business. If this is not the case, training of the person responsible for managing the Freshcare Program for the additional business is required.

Each additional business will require individual audits to obtain Freshcare Certification. A Freshcare Certification Fee is applicable to each individual business at the time of audit.

If you are unsure whether you are required to register your additional business, Contact Us for further assistance.