Cyclone Debbie – Important Information for Queensland Growers

Published on March 31, 2017

Growcom will be gathering data about the impact on the horticulture industry to enable government to activate Natural Disaster Recovery Assistance. The more information they can provide, the better the likelihood that growers will receive support.

After the cyclone, Growcom request that you fill in the damage estimate form or call us on 07 3620 3844

Growcom will call all of their members in affected areas but the faster they can get this information the more quickly they can lobby for support. If you have photographs of damage please send them to [email protected] with information on the farm where they are taken and your contact details. Updates on current disaster support can be found on the Queensland Farmers’ Federation Disaster Support website

Freshcare and Growcom very much hope that none of our growers are affected by this weather event and hope that everyone remains safe and well.

If you need to contact Growcom after hours please call CEO Pat Hannan on 0427 580 942.

If you cannot download any of this information please contact Growcom on 07 3620 3844 or email them at [email protected] and they will email you copies.


Freshcare Certification

If you are unable to proceed with your Freshcare audit due to Cyclone Debbie, please contact your Certification Body or the Freshcare Office to defer your audit.

When notified, we can (if required by your customers), provide a written confirmation of your situation and plans to re-new Freshcare certification (e.g. rescheduling audit).