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SAI Global

March 21, 2018

SAI Global, a provider of integrated risk management solutions, assurance and property services, helps organizations proactively manage risk to create trust and achieve business confidence, growth, and sustainability. The company has global reach with locations across Europe, the Middle East, Africa, the Americas, Asia and the Pacific.

As expanding consumer tastes continue to grow and diversify, so does the desire for new and different foods and beverages all over the world. SAI Global equips your business to fulfill the demand by providing the technical expertise you need in navigating the regulatory landscape while providing the assurances your customers, suppliers and partners demand.

Our Global Agri-Food Services offers a comprehensive range of technical, training, audit and risk management solutions. No matter what your role along the farm-to-table journey is—producer, processor, packager, packaging materials manufacturer, distributor, supplier or retailer—we help you ensure your food safety protocols and best practices are in compliance with the regulations of the markets you serve, or wish to serve.

Our suite of services and solutions can help improve your business processes, while maximising your efficiencies and minimizing your risks for product recalls, food-borne illnesses, or dissatisfied customers.

A decision to partner with SAI Global is a decision to inspire a high level of confidence in your brand, loyalty from your customers and partners, and the assurance that you have partnered with an astute service provider with highly skilled industry experts. A deep understanding of what customers need and expect helps us strive to provide measured and continually improved service.

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