2009 – Freshcare Environmental for the Australian Wine Industry

In early 2009, the Winemakers Federation of Australia (WFA) approached Freshcare as it was looking for an environmental system applicable to industry that could underpin the Australian Wine Industry’s national environmental membership program Entwine Australia.

Based on the Freshcare Environmental Code, Freshcare together with WFA developed the Freshcare Environmental Viticulture Code of Practice – 1st Edition in June 2009; and then in November 2009 launched the Freshcare Environmental Winery Code of Practice – 1st Edition to sit beside it.

The launch of the Freshcare Environmental Codes for the Australian Wine Industry provided wine grape growers and wineries with an industry specific environmental program to assist them in gaining certification to a recognised environmental standard, and is one of the steps required in the process of gaining Entwine Australia Membership.

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