2008 – Freshcare Food Safety and Quality Code – 3rd Edition

By the time of the 2008 review of the Food Safety and Quality Code, a number of domestic and international food safety outbreaks in fresh produce had raised the stakes for consumer and customer assurance.

Nine years of industry experience had identified many of the Freshcare Program’s strengths but new research information and issues had also identified areas where the Code needed further strengthening.

The extensive review and industry consultation process throughout 2008-2009 has led to a significant redesign of the Code itself with a revised layout and new content.

The 3rd Edition of the Food Safety and Quality Code maintains the practical approach of previous editions with innovative new risk assessment tools and resources that will establish Freshcare as a global leader in the design and implementation of fresh produce food safety assurance programs.

While Freshcare continues to branch out into developing other, separate codes, where needed by industry, food safety and quality will always be the strong roots of the program.

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