2014 – Guidelines for Environmental Assurance – Second Edition

The second edition Guidelines for Environmental Assurance Guidelines funded by HIA (previously HAL) through its across-industry program, were launched in June 2014, following an extensive review and consultation process with key industry stakeholders, including Freshcare.

The Guidelines cover the growing, harvesting, packing, storage and dispatch stages of horticultural production and provide a platform for environmental auditing and certification options relevant to Australian environmental issues.

The Guidelines also provide a great supplementary resource for Freshcare Environmental and Environmental Viticulture participants on key elements in the Codes, such as the management of land and soil; water; biodiversity; greenhouse gas emissions and energy use.

The Guidelines are hosted on the Horticulture for Tomorrow webpage. Visit www.horticulturefortomorrow.com.au to download a copy of the Guidelines for Environmental Assurance, and access links to other useful environmental resources.

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