The 90’s – Freshcare Development

Freshcare was the natural successor to the many “Approved Supplier Programs” that were developed in the 1990s.

At this time many customers such as retailers, wholesalers and processors began implementing HACCP, SQF2000, WVQMS or ISO9002 systems in response to increasing food safety concerns and food regulations.

These programs required that the businesses identify their food safety and quality risks – including those that may come from their growers – and the practices required for their control.

The number of “Approved Supplier Programs” began to increase and growers who sent produce to multiple customers, were being asked to implement programs that were sometimes very different and involved much duplication of paperwork and costs.

Many of the on-farm food safety risks and their controls were not clearly understood, and there were no clear guidelines on how to manage on-farm practices for food safety.

The result was considerable confusion and variation in the practices customers were asking of growers.


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