Belinda is a system thinker who is passionate about providing people with the ability to broaden their thinking and the courage to solve problems in innovative ways. 

Based in Tasmania, Belinda has been in horticulture for over 35 years and has been a Board Director on Freshcare since 2003. She is also a principal consultant at Optimum Standard and obtained an MBA in Agricultural Innovation from the University of Tasmania in 2017. 

As a grower herself, Belinda takes pride in producing Australian products that help the wellbeing of the community by making sure that when standards evolve they remain relevant to growers. 

Belinda thrives in large groups. Not only is she an identical triplet, but she is also a part of Southern Gospel Choir, a Tasmanian music group who has also provided backing vocals a B-Grade Zombie Movie and Malaysian soccer movie (Ask for Belinda to provide more details). 

Find out more about Southern Gospel Choir here and get in touch with Belinda through LinkedIn and Optimum Standard